María Esther Robles

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Who is María Esther Robles?

Maria Esther Robles, distinguished Belle Canto interpreter, begins her studies at the Academy of Don Antonio and Amalia Paoli. She attended the Juilliard School of Music and began her professional career at the Ethel Barrymore Theater in Broadway.

She took part in operas such as The Telephone by Gian Carlo Menotti and performed in Tough at the Top at the West End in London receiving excellent reviews.

María Esther performed at the Carnegie Hall in New York and theaters in Canada, London and South America. She is considered as one of the best interpreters of Lieder (German), French, Spanish and Latin American songs. She was a Professor at the Conservatory of Music, another accomplished woman, pride of Fajardo and Puerto Rico.

Ivonne Coll

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Who is Ivonne Coll?

Ivonne Coll was born on the 4th of November at the District Hospital in Fajardo, to Don Pelayo Coll and the well know hairstylist, Rosita Mendoza. She began her studies at the University of Puerto Rico when she was selected as Miss Puerto Rico and became a contestant at the Miss Universe Pageant of 1967.

After her return to Puerto Rico she decides to try show business, becoming one of our first “vedette” hosting her own TV Show Una Chica Llamada Ivonne Coll.

Later she moves to Hollywood to study acting and then relocates to New York where she takes part in different plays in Broadway and Off-Broadway. She has taken part in movies such as The Godfather – Part Two and here in Puerto Rico in “La Gran Fiesta”.

She is a “Fajardeña” who has represented the Puerto Rican women with great respect and pride.

Don Goyo

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Who is Don Goyito

Don Goyito or “El Buñuelero” as he was best known was one of our favorite people. He was born in San Sebastian but Fajardo “made” him one of his own. Married to Doña Inocencia Ortíz they became the parents of twelve siblings. The only income to support his family came from the sales of his famous “buñuelos.” He never revealed his recipe made up of 13 ingredients. The only thing he admitted was that one of the ingredients was bananas. You could see him pushing his cart around town wearing his uniform with pride and respecting his job.

Today his daughter, Jael Román, who bears an uncanny resemblance with her father, is keeping up with the tradition. Wearing a similar uniform and her father’s cap, she pushes his cart and sells the “buñuelos.” This delicacy sought by people from around the Island is also known to visitors who have heard and tasted them. Some even bring samples to their hometowns. So, before your stay at Passion Fruit ends we invite you to savor Don Goyito’s “ricos buñuelos.”

Pedro Rosa Nales

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Who is Pedro Rosa Nales?

Pedro Rosa Nales is anchor man at one of Puerto Rico’s news program that is transmitted via satellite to the United States of America. He was Vice President of the Graphic Arts Reporters Union (UPAGRA), member of the American Legion and the Newscasters Association of Puerto Rico. Pedro practices parachuting, is an airplane pilot, diver and weight lifter and a perfect example of professionalism for our youth.

Carmelina Vizcarrondo

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Who is Carmelina Vizcarrondo?

This distinguished poet, after finishing high school in Fajardo, enrolled at the University of Puerto Rico, majoring in Hispanic and Spanish Literature. Poet and writer she worked for different national magazines such as, Asomante, Puerto Rico Ilustrado, the magazine of the Puerto Rican Institute of Culture and the former El Mundo newspaper. She was editor of the magazine Insula. Carmelina was an honorary member of the Argentinean Cultural Committee and member of the Board of Directors of the Ateneo Puertorriqueño.

Some of her poems are Pregón con Llamas, Poema para mi Niño, and Minutero en Sombras. For this poem she received an award at the Puerto Rican Institute of Culture. Her poems are best known for her constant reference to love and nature’s scenery.

Santiago Veve Calzada

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Who is Santiago Veve Calzada?

Santiago Veve Calzada, an illustrious and a true Fajardeño. He studied medicine in Barcelona, Spain in 1880. When Santiago returned to Fajardo he practiced medicine during a brief time and decided to become a farmer. His new career brought him great wealth.

His concern for improving the quality of life for those with limited resources made him assumed all the costs of the equipment and supplies needed at the Fajardo High School, named after him. In Ceiba, our neighboring town, another school was finished due to his donations and is named after his father, Adolfo Veve Ferau. A hospital in Juncos specializing in patients with tuberculosis was supplied by his donations.

Doctor, wealthy farmer, and philanthropist, he is remembered in the history of Fajardo by his humbleness and compassion for the less fortunate.


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Who is Sofía?

Name after the Innkeeper, Gladys Sofía, it represents a dream come true. While studying at New York City she use to spend some time away of the student daily routine visiting B&B’s around the Catskills and Sedona, where everything began. After long days, months, years struggling to open a Bed & Breakfast with the assistance of her partners, the dream became a reality… Passion Fruit Bed & Breakfast was born!!!

Antonia Coello

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Who is Antonia Coello?

Antonia Coello de Novello, Surgeon General of the United States during the presidency of George Bush, senior was the first woman and Hispanic to be name to this federal post. As a pediatrician she specialized in children with HIV and kidney aliments. She has been a member of the Faculty of Pediatrics at Georgetown University, the Auxiliary at the Institute for Pediatric Health and Human Development and a Professor at John Hopkins University.

Antonia is a spokesperson for minority groups, especially children, and is an earnest fighter to prevent cigarette smoking in children and adolescents.

Carlos Arroyo

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Whos is Carlos Arroyo?

Carlos Alberto Arroyo Bermúdez, son of Carlos Arroyo and Glorían Bermúdez, was the fifth player in the history of Puerto Rico to play in the NBA. Right now he is a member of the Utah Jazz basketball team.

In 1997 he was named Rookie of the Year by the Puerto Rican League. He was a member of the National Team that won a Bronze Medal at the Pan-American Games in 2003. That same year at Centro Basket, Carlos won Gold for Puerto Rico. He was a member of the Puerto Rican basketball team at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Mister Arroyo was invited to the White House by President George Walker Bush for his achievements as an athlete. He is an example and motivator for our youth and his most faithful fans are the “cariduros.” (A nickname by which Fajardeños are known.)

Georgie Torres

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Who is Georgie Torres?

Georgie Torres, is a Puerto Rican who is a well known former BSN basketball player. Torres broke the record for the most points scored in a career at that league, with over 16,000 points scored. He was the first player to reach that number of points. Torres debuted in the BSN in 1975, with the “Cariduros de Fajardo”. Torres became a household name in Puerto Rico while performing with the team. He led the league in points scored from 1984 to 1987. Wikipedia