Honey Moon Suites

Honey Moon Suites Room Description

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Norma Candal

Norma Candal

Honey Moon Suites Room Description

The two rooms on the south side of the building are large rooms and ideal for honeymooners. The distance ocean view from Mouliert is not the only reason to plan your own celebration here, Candal is very private. Great for those guests looking for an spacious area,  fresh tropical Caribbean air, lots of windows to alternate the air condition provided already.

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Joaquin Mouliert

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Who is Joaquin Mouliert?

Son of Don Julio Mouliert Ocasio, farmer, and Doña Conchita Meléndez, Joaquin decides to follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming a farmer and rancher. He has been named as Farmer of the Year by the Department of Agriculture, on several occasions.

It is not through these recognitions that he is known, but by his performances as a troubadour. It was in his efforts to keep our folklore alive that he has gained recognition. He has been able to perform at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York and is also known as “El Pitirre Fajardeño.”

For over 40 years every 24th of December Fajardo awakens to the rhythms of our “Décima Puertorriqueña” interpreted by troubadours from all over the Island. This entourage is known as “La Parranda Navideña de Joaquín Mouliert” and visits different sectors of Fajardo bringing joy with their singing and celebrating the Spirit of Christmas with our music. Fajardo feels proud of this fine troubadour and “jíbaro puertorriqueño”.

Norma Candal

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Who is Norma Candal?

Norma is considered one of our icons as a theater and comedy actress. She was the daughter of Eladio Jose Candal and María Isabel Penedo, a well known pianist and teacher.

She finished elementary school in Fajardo and attended junior and senior high school at Colegio Sagrado Corazón. Her BA in Arts was completed at the Sagrado Corazón University. She received a grant and finished a Masters in Arts, specializing in Theater, at the Catholic University of America, in Washington, D.C.

Norma returned to Puerto Rico and became a Professor in Literature at Sagrado Corazón University. She worked for the government TV Station hosting an educational program called La Hora del Niño, she also participated in different radio and commercial TV programs. In theater she performed in different plays and is well remembered by the role played in La Carreta, one of our classics, written by René Marqués. But her popularity and recognition as an actress came through two TV comedies, La Criada Malcriada, where she immortalized the character of Petunia Pérez, and Doña Tere in La Pension de Doña Tere.