Standard /Double Suites

Standard Suites Room Description

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Baralt Sisters

Baralt Sisters

Standard Suites Description

The three rooms on the north side of the building are spacious in their own unique ways. The tropical view from these rooms is of La Roca, a famous mountain in Fajardo. Ideal for short time stay, these are our most visited rooms. Baralt, the only one on the second floor, has a cozy bedroom and a very spacious bath.

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Baralt Sisters

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What can we said about The Baralt Sisters?

Mercedes and Luce, daughters of Jose Lopez-Baralt and Emma Cardona, are lawyers by profession and intellectuals by vocation. From their parents the sisters learn to love literature. They are considered respected critics of the Hispanic and Arabic literature.

Mercedes specialized in the native Central and South American literature and the Quechua tongue. Luce specialized in the Arabic tongue and its literature. Both are professors at the University of Puerto Rico that have dedicated their life to literature and the teaching of it as a mystical experience.

The University honored them with a Doctorate Honoris Causa in recognition to their intellectual trajectory.

María Esther Robles

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Who is María Esther Robles?

Maria Esther Robles, distinguished Belle Canto interpreter, begins her studies at the Academy of Don Antonio and Amalia Paoli. She attended the Juilliard School of Music and began her professional career at the Ethel Barrymore Theater in Broadway.

She took part in operas such as The Telephone by Gian Carlo Menotti and performed in Tough at the Top at the West End in London receiving excellent reviews.

María Esther performed at the Carnegie Hall in New York and theaters in Canada, London and South America. She is considered as one of the best interpreters of Lieder (German), French, Spanish and Latin American songs. She was a Professor at the Conservatory of Music, another accomplished woman, pride of Fajardo and Puerto Rico.

Ivonne Coll

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Who is Ivonne Coll?

Ivonne Coll was born on the 4th of November at the District Hospital in Fajardo, to Don Pelayo Coll and the well know hairstylist, Rosita Mendoza. She began her studies at the University of Puerto Rico when she was selected as Miss Puerto Rico and became a contestant at the Miss Universe Pageant of 1967.

After her return to Puerto Rico she decides to try show business, becoming one of our first “vedette” hosting her own TV Show Una Chica Llamada Ivonne Coll.

Later she moves to Hollywood to study acting and then relocates to New York where she takes part in different plays in Broadway and Off-Broadway. She has taken part in movies such as The Godfather – Part Two and here in Puerto Rico in “La Gran Fiesta”.

She is a “Fajardeña” who has represented the Puerto Rican women with great respect and pride.