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Share Suites Room Description

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Magui Mercado

Magui Mercado

Share Suites Room Description

There are two suites separated from the main building. One of them is a two bedroom suite Nales-Quad, with a dividing wall between the beds and the other Luis Magui Mercado- handicap accessible – with a Queen bed and a sofa bed (futon Mattress). They both have balconies, great for large families that want their own space. Maria Esther Dones/Share is on the main building, is the quietest room we have, no windows on the bedroom and a very spacious living room with a sofa bed. These are pet friendly, call us to arrange any special requests for these special family member.

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María Isabel Dones

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Who is María Isabel Dones?

Maria’s vocation was teaching, although her upbringing was filled with limitations, she became wealthy in spirit. Her character, stamina, patience, and her love for teaching and sharing her knowledge were her most valuable treasures. Maria was the recipient of various recognitions during her fruitful career and even after her death she was still honored. But the recognition which really mattered to her was the one she received from her students.

The respect they showed her, and having been able to instill enjoyment for mathematics and for life itself, was her greatest accomplishment.

There are those who go through life without leaving any kind of trace and then, there are others who make a difference in our lives at a given time. María Isabel Dones belongs to the latter ones, and this is a simple homage to her life.

Luis Magui Mercado

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Who is Luis Magui Mercado?

Better known as, Magüí, Luís Mercado Calderon was a composer, musician and educator. He was founder of “La Rondalla Fajardeña” and the radio program “La Hora del Niño.” Some of his compositions have been played and recorded by local artists, such as, Divino Atardecer, Joaquina, Linda Jibarita and his favorite, Recordando a Fajardo. Passion Fruit Bed & Breakfast remembers him with this humble homage.